More questions

April 2, 2011

Customer power charges are said to increase no matter what. What are the credible projections, and when?

Newfoundland and Labrador power demand is incrementally increasing. What usable reserves exist? At what rate expended? What rate will later needs demand? Where will new demand come from and what plans are there to modify it up or down?

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Who will pay?

April 2, 2011

Unless there’s a fundamental, and massive, change in the way people in this province are paid — and not just the way cabinet ministers and MHAs are paid, either — there will be plenty of people who will not be able to afford to live here.

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Russell Wangersky’s sober second thought

February 22, 2011

Now, while you’re thinking about Nalcor and its curious front-end investment strategy in this case, stop and think about something else.

Think about Nalcor’s multi-billion-dollar front-end plan to develop Muskrat Falls, and while you’re at it, think about how the company’s share of just a small oil play burgeoned from $14 million to $23 million, and still did only two-thirds of the job it expected to do with the original funds.

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February 11, 2011

Concluding let me say, I stand disappointed in a party I once took pride in supporting while Danny Williams was premier.

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The mystery of the missing PC’s

January 26, 2011

According to Shawn Skinner the only people that can nominate a leadership candidate are people who would have their names on file at the PC office in St. John’s — people that have attended a convention or are members of a district association. If that is the case there is not enough PC supporters in NL to elect one MHA.

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Ultimate sacrifice

December 12, 2010

George Abbott, Stanley Abbott, Walter Ernest Alexander, Israel Anderson, Joseph Andrews, Gilbert Antle, James Atwill, Edward Alphonsus Ayre, Eric S. Ayre, Gerald W. Ayre,  Wilfred D. Ayre, Horatio Barbour, Maxwell Barnes, Leonard Josiah Barrett, Joseph Patrick Bartlett, John Barton, Frederick Donald Bastow, William Bennett, William Bishop, Stewart Malcolm Boone, Charles Bowman, John Breen, David Brent, Michael Broderick, Bertram Brown, Edward John Brown, Allen Burge, Garrett Burke, Leo Michael Burke, Sydney George Burry, Edward William Butler, Harry Butler, Ignatius Joseph Butler, John Joseph Cahill, Martin Joseph Cahill, Rodger Callahan, John Joseph Carew, Edward Carrigan, Thomas Carroll, John Carsons, Llewelyn James Carter, Ernest Leslie Chafe, Bernard Cleary, Charles Allen Cleary, John Cleary, Harold Gordon Coish, Edward Lewis Cole, James Patrick Connors, Harry Coombs, Lawrence Joseph Corcoran, William Patrick Costello, Norman Coultas, Harrison Courage, Henry Charles Crane, Llewelyn Cranford, Kenneth Critch, Harrison Crocker, George Graham Crosbie, Nathaniel Croucher, John Thomas Curley,

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No pickaxes here

December 11, 2010

The signing ceremony and Williams’ subsequent speech of resignation were gripping drama, but if you listen carefully, there are no sounds of pickaxes striking Labrador rock. It’s all just on paper. Regular readers of the political news will know how reliable that is. First power is projected for 2016 — place your bets, and ask for good odds.

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Pamela Pardy Ghent: Dissident

November 1, 2010

A prominent volunteer on the Burin Peninsula has been abruptly dumped from her position, apparently for making a joke about Danny Williams on her Facebook profile.

That’s according to Pamela Pardy Ghent, a freelance writer and community volunteer who lives in Harbour Mille on the Burin Peninsula.

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No guarantees

October 18, 2010

Williams, being a lawyer, probably realized the New Dawn couldn’t last forever without legal status — thus the November deadline. With Penashue back, the premier had likely hoped to see everything wrapped up by Christmas.

Who knows if Williams imagined that Penashue might lose his bid to become grand chief in the Innu Nation elections last month, but lose he did.

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Stop the insanity

October 17, 2010